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Alphabetical list of Trees, Plants and Shrubs

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Sorbus alnifolia
Makes a fine medium sized tree of good symmetrical outline and shape, attractive
strongly veined leaves reminding one of a Hornbeam, easy to grow in most
Sorbus aria
The Common Whitebeam has simple, slightly toothed leaves, white flowers and
red berries. Very good on chalk soils. Can be used as a hedgerow species,
mixed with others or used on its own. Buy This Plant
Sorbus aria Chrysophylla
Georgeous in late spring with its yelowy green leaves whicg mture to butter
yellow as the summer progresses. Buy This Plant
Sorbus aria Lutescens
A very beautiful tree with shining silver new foliage covered by a soft down.
Easy to grow in most situations. Buy This Plant
Sorbus aria Magnifica
Superb extra large broad green glossy foliage and upright growth habit. Buy This Plant
Sorbus aria Majestica
Bigger in all its parts than its parent making this a tree that stands apart from
the rest, a good tree for tough or exposed sites.
Sorbus aucuparia
Rowan or Mountain Ash. A lovely native tree with pinnate leaves and clusters of
white flowers in May, followed by bright red berries in autumn. Buy This Plant
Sorbus aucuparia Aspleniflora
A very choice tree with elegant leaves which are deeply cut to give a fern-like
effect. Buy This Plant
Sorbus aucuparia Chinese Lace
Much charm from this pretty, small tree with its deeply and finely cut leaves
which give it a lace-like effect. Lovely in the autumn, too, when the leaves
turn red-purple.
Sorbus aucuparia Fastigiata
Makes a very small tree of upright habit with bright red berries and good autumn
foliage colour.
Sorbus aucuparia Sheerwater Seedling
Makes an attractive small tree with stiffly ascending branches and large clusters
of bright orange berries. Good where space is limited. Buy This Plant
Sorbus aucuparia Xanthocarpa (Fructu Luteo)
Produces fruits a delightful shade of amber yellow.
Sorbus cashmiriana
Lovely soft pink flowers in May over the strongly serrated pinnate leaflets.
Clusters of white marble-like berries cover the tree in autumn.
Sorbus commixta
Superb autumn colour effects makes this small growing tree stand out from the
crowd. Clusters of orange red berries stud the branches in autumn. Buy This Plant
Sorbus commixta Embley
The contrast of the orange red fruits and the autumn foliage colour of plums
purple orange and red is good reason to have this tree let alone that it makes
a small tree of relatively easy cultivation. Buy This Plant
Sorbus discolor
Distinguished by its creamy yellow fruits in autumn, makes a good small tree.
Sorbus Dodong Olympic Flame
A stiff, columnar tree when young, leaves green, coppery in the spring with
stunning orange and red tints in autumn. The fruits are bright orange-red and
not persistent. (Island of Ulleung and Korea).
Sorbus Eastern Promise
Raised by Hilliers Nurseries in the 1960's big bunches of reddish pink fruits set
against glowing orange foliage, the exotic name quite appropriate. Buy This Plant
Sorbus hedlundii
A extremely handsome medium sized tree with handsome silvery leaves with
distinctive rust coloured veins. Buy This Plant
Sorbus hemsleyi John Bond
A recent introduction differing from the norm by its more narrow and upright
outline. Same attractive pronounced leaf veins on large eliptic leaves.
Sorbus hostii
A very collectable small tree, of natural hybrid origin with attractive silver
undersides to the leaves, clusters of vivid red berries early in the autumn.
Sorbus hupehensis
White marble fruits and good autumn colour.
Sorbus hupehensis Pink Pagoda
A pink fruiting form of the above the big bunches of berries fade from pink to
white as the winter progresses.
Sorbus hybrida Gibbsii
A more compact selected form making a small tree, red fruits hang in large
clusters in autumn.
Sorbus intermedia
A useful small to medium sized tree adaptable to a wide range of conditions,
develops a good balanced rounded head of branches with leaves an intriguing
mix of half lobed and half coarsely toothed and of a pleasing green. Buy This Plant
Sorbus Joseph Rock
In a class of its own during autumn when its foliage turns glorious shades of
reds orange and crimson made even more startling by the amber yellow
berries which are produced in abundance. Buy This Plant
Sorbus Leonard Messel
An uncommon tree of comparatively small size. In autumn bright pink fruits set
amongst red and purple foliage.
Sorbus mougeotii
looking much like a small version of Sorbus aria found in the wild mostly around
the Pyrennees.
Sorbus Pink Ness
Makes only a small tree of reasonably fast growth in autumn covered by clusters
of bright lipstick pink berries.
Sorbus reducta
This deciduous suckering shrub grows to about 60 cms in height. It has erect
stems of serrate dark green pinnate leaves which give some wonderful autumn
tints. In early summer it bears clusters of small white flowers.
Sorbus sargentiana
A medium sized tree of much character, with sticky crimson leaf buds which open
in to large pinnate leaves on red stalks. The bright red fruits are beautiful,
although may not last because the birds love them too. Rich autumn foliage. Buy This Plant
Sorbus scalaris
Very distinctive and attractive frond like foliage dark green above and grey
downy beneath which turn good autumnal shades of red and purple, fruits red
rather small but an effective contrast.
Sorbus Sheerwater Seedling
Makes an attractive small tree with stiffly ascending branches and large clusters
of bright orange berries. Good where space is limited.
Sorbus thibetica John Mitchell
One of my favourites huge leaves of bright silver white felty beneath. Makes a
medium to large tree. Not known/grown on the continent so a real gem to keep
for ourselves. Buy This Plant
Sorbus thuringiaca Fastigiata
A small tree with a compact head of upward growing branches. Attractive bright
red fruits with brown speckles.
Sorbus torminalis
The Wild Service Tree a native tree but not commonly found, much sort after
produces a small to medium sized tree with attractive Maple like foliage and
edible fruits, our stock is from genuine English origin. Buy This Plant
Sorbus vilmorinii
A really lovely small tree with fern like foliage and masses of pink to white marble
like fruits in autumn. Buy This Plant

All our native plants are English grown, English provenance stock