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Caesalpinia gilliesii

Yellow bird of Paradise

For the plant connoisseur, a most uncommon large shrub from Argentina. It has very dainty fern-like foliage and spectacular flowers in long, erect racemes of rich yellow and scarlet stamens, giving rise to its common name Bird of Paradise Tree.  
Calamogrostis x acutiflora 'Overdam' A most striking form and of easy culture  
Callicarpa bodinieri Profusion

Beauty Berry

Small evergreen shrub, pretty pale yellow flowers but not so the leaves if damaged or bruised  

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Calycanthus occidentalis


A Californian form of "Allspice", with dark green glossy leaves which have a spicy aroma. Over the summer, it bears large deep red-brown flowers.  
Camellia japonica Adolphe Audusson A first class and popular Camellia reliably giving its display of deep blood red semi double flowers in late winter. Good dark evergreen foliage and sturdy growth.  
Camellia japonica Apollo A good strong and reliable camelia with blood red semi double flowers freely produced  
Camellia williamsii Brigadoon Semi-double rose pink flowers. Makes a medium sized shrub of upright habit  
Camellia williamsii Donation Still grown by the thousand an ever popular and reliable Camelia of relatively easy sultivation. Beautiful semi double large clear pink flowers on good deep green foliage  
Camelia williams Elsie Jury One of the hybrids raised by J.C. Williams in the 1920s, a very beautiful hybrid with rose pink toned paeony like flowers.  
Camella japonica Apollo A good strong and reliable camelia with blood red semi double flowers freely produced  
Caragana arborescens

Pea Tree

A beautiful and resilient shrubby tree from Siberia. Its pinnate leaves provide a lovely backdrop for the yellow pea-like flowers which are borne in early summer. Perfect for exposed sites and dry soils.  
Caragana arborescens Lorbergii Extremely narrow almost threadlike leavesand small yellow pea like flowers. A very distinctive shrub of relatively slow growth  
Caragana arborescens Pendula A lovely weeping form of 'The Pea Tree' with the usual display of yellow pea like flowers  
Caragana arborescens Walker Makes a small weeping tree. A Canadian raised hybrid inheriting characteristics of its parents C. Lorbergii and C. Pendula  
Carpenteria californica

Tree Anemone

Tree Anemone, without doubt a most beautiful evergreen shrub of medium size with glorious large pure white flowers and bright golden cental anthers  
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Carya glabra

Pignut Hickory

Makes a medium sized tree with attractive foliage similar to that of the common walnut. Lovely yellow autumn leaf colour  
Carya illinoensis

Pecan Nut
The Pecan Nut. Attractive pinnate foliage. Sadly not very reliable nut production in this country  
Carya ovata

Shagbark Hickory

A medium to largish tree with considerable handsome qualities. Attractive finger like foliage turning good autumn colours of deep yellow  
Carya tomentosa

The Big-bud hickory as its name suggests buds are larger than most of its kind. Fragrant and attractive foliage turning clear butter yellows in autumn  
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Castanea sativa

Sweet Chestnut

The Sweet Chestnut. This familiar tree was probably brought to Britain with the Romans who used the branches as support for their vines. Makes a large imposing tree with fascinating spiral fluted bark.
Castanea sativa Albomarginata A lovely variegated form of the "Sweet Chestnut" leaves with a distinct creamy white margin. It would make a spectacular specimen tree.  
Catalpa bignoniodes

Indian Bean Tree

The Indian Bean Trees large heart shaped leaves give that dramatic exotic foliage effect, foxglove like flowers of white, yellow with purple stain in July and August, followed by strings of bean pods.  
Catalpa bignoniodes Aurea

Golden Indian Bean Tree

The Golden Indian Bean Tree has irresistible large Golden yellow leaves providing just the right exotic touch to any scene. Avoid windy sites which would damage the beautiful foliage. Catalpas originate from N. America.  
Catalpa bignoniodes Variegata Very much the gem, smaller growing than the type, foliage with attractive variegation ranging from white to a light cream  
Catalpa erubescens Purpurea

Purple Indian Bean Tree

A very fine hybrid between C. bignoniodes C. ovata around 1869. For lovers of purple plants, deep purple foliage and young shoots.  
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Celtis australis

Nettle Tree

One of the Hackberries or Nettle Trees, so called because of the look and feel of their leaves but without the sting. Fast growing and suited to a wide range of conditions.  
Celtis julianae This beautiful and uncommon tall tree is easily recognized by its handsome foliage which is glossy above and pubescent beneath  
Celtis occidentalis


The 'Hackberry' is a medium sized tree of the Elm family. Mature plants have a rough, corky bark and a multitude of black berries in autumn.  
Ceratostigma griffithii A lovely form, deep blue flowers over a long period of late summer and autumn, leaves also aquire a shade of red, a very effective combination.  
Ceratostigma plumbaginoides Another lovely late flowering shrub beautiful china blue flowers and wonderful autumnal foliage colour  
Ceratostigma willmottianum

Hardy plumbago

A well known and popular plant giving a continuous display throughout late summer and autumn of deep sky blue flowers  
Ceratostigma willmott. Desert Skies If happy and growing well will reward you with a delightful combination of blue flowers and bright golden yellow foliage  
Cercidiphllum japonicum

Katsura Tree

The Katsura Tree, makes a small to medium sized tree, attractive foliage that turns pale yellow and pink in the autumn, its great claim to fame however comes from the sweet scent in autumn that reminds one of burnt sugar.  
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Cestrum elegans Needs a warm sunny site and winter protection but its near continuous summer display of dazzling red flowers are well worth the effort  
Cestrum fasciculatum Newellii Though I have succesfully grown this outside during the winter its not recommended, what can be recommended are the large and spectacular orange red flowers  
Cestrum parqui Another of our more unusual species available. Shrubby in habit and having the delightful benefit of night fragrant yellow green flowers. Originates from Chile.  
Cestrum parqui Cretian Purple Needs a conservatory or very sheltered site wher if happy will produce a sunptious display of deep red purple flowers over long period in late summer  
Chaenomeles cathayensis (C lagenaria var wilsonii) This ornamental 'Quince' is very versatile. It is easy to grow and pinkish-white flowers in early spring. Large fruits follow, up to 25cm long.  
Chaenomeles speciosa Nivalis

Ornamental quince

Another form of "Japonica", with large pure white flowers in early spring.  
Chaenomeles superba Jet Trail Masses of snow white flowers of good size  
Chaenomeles superba Rowallane Large blood red flowers freely produced by this time honoured variety
Chaenomeles superba Tortuosa Similar to C. speciosa Contorta  
Chamaecytisus purpureus A rather short lived small shrub offering absolute delight when in flower with its purple blue broom like flowers  
Chamaerops humilis

Dwarf Fan Palm

Slow growing palm seldom reaching two metres. Large palmate divided leaves produce from a stiff short trunk  
Chimonanthus praecox

Winter Sweet

The pale yellow sweetly scented flowers on naked branches during late winter has to be one of the joys of that time of year quite beautiful.
Chionanthus retusus The Chinese Fringe Tree, masses of snow white flowers during June and July. Makes a very special large shrub. Best in full sun.
Chionanthus virginicus

Fringe Tree

The North American form of the 'Fringe Tree' makes a large shrub with fragrant white flowers. It differs from its Chinese cousin by having larger leaves - introduced in about 1736.
Chitalpa tashkentensis Bred in the Botanical gardens of Tashkent, a hybrid between Catalpa and Chilopsis. Makes a very attractive dome headed small tree with lance shaped narrow leaves a pinkish white flowers prettily marked purple and yellow on the inside  
Chitalpa tashkentensis Summer Bells A lovely very floriferous selection with pale pink flowers and in striking contrast a yellow throat  
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Chordospartium Stevensonii A rare and unusual broom like plant from New Zealand the whip like stems looking almost lifeless. Eventually the plant here in our collection flowered after nearly 20 years producing a number of very pale pink small flowers.  
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Clerodendron trichotomum Carnival Noticeably large and unusual blue green leaves margined with a distinct irregular yellow band to the outside edge  
Clerodendrum bungei This semi-evergreen suckering shrub has attractive dark stems with large heart shaped leaves. In late autumn it becomes quite an eye-catcher when it produces large dome shaped terminal clusters of small fragrant pink-red flowers.  
Clerodendron trichotomum A strong growing shrub and very effective in early autumn when the striking china blue berries surrounded by maroon red calyces  
Clerodendrum trichotomum var fargesii A most unusual vigorous deciduous shrub of upright habit. Late summer sees the formation of deep pink and green flower buds, which open to fragrant white star shaped flowers over the large spear shaped leaves. Blue berries follow.  
Clethra alnifolia Rosea

Summersweet Clethra

Highly glossed green foliage immediately attracts the eye. Pink tinged flowers and flower buds that fade to white as they open all in all a lovely form of the 'Sweet Pepper Bush' Needs a neutral to acid soil to perform to its best  
Clianthus puniceus Albus

Lobster Claw Climber

The white flowered form of the 'Lobster's claw' plant, like the form it is a semi evergreen sprawling shrub needing a warm sheltered spot to succeed  
Colquhounia coccinea var vestita Not often offered for sale makes an interesting and attractive wall shrub for a sunny spot where the scarlet red tubular flowers can be seen to best effect set against the felty silvery grey foliage  
Colutea arborescens

Bladder Senna

Easy to grow with attractive ferny foliage bright yellow when first emerges in spring followed by appealing yellow pea like flowers. A good plant for those wilder parts of the garden that don’t receive as much care.  
Convolvulus cneorum This low, spreading shrub is perfect for a hot, dry position, or in a raised bed or large tub. White funnel shaped flowers in May.  
Coprosma Beatsons Gold A low shrub of spreading outline the variegated leaves of dark green and old gold marry together well  
Coprosma Evening Glow Attactive foliage, green with irregular yellow markings turning to orange and red in autumn  
Coprosma Kirkii Variegata A low growing and spreading shrub with green white margined leaves, benefits from winter protection as a young plant but seems to become more tolerant as it grows older (not quite like humans then)  
Cordyline australis

Cabbage palm

Superb long leaf blades of green with an attractive central red stripe- good for tub culture.  
Cordyline australis Purpurea Purple leaved form of this well known plant of pots and patios  
Cordyline australis Red Star A very exotic feel with this form of 'New Zealand Cabbage Tree', with deep red-purple foliage.  
Cordyline aust. Sundance Well known plant of 'Garden Centres' where its yellow leaves and deep pink contrast makes it instantly desirable  
Cordyline australis Torbay Dazzler Dazzler is certainly one word to describe this slower growing variegated form of the Torbay Palm with its creamy white variegation. Over the top may be another word  
Cordyline indivisa Distinguished from C. australis by its more dense broader leaves. Somewhat tender so site with care  
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Coronilla valentina A pretty but rather untidy sprawling shrub with masses of rich golden yellow flowers with a superb warm fruit scent produced over a long period of summer  
Coronilla valentina Citrina This is a must for lovers of fragrance. An evergreen, bushy shrub producing masses of leguminous lemon yellow flowers with the fragrance of ripe peaches.  
Coronilla valentina subsp glauca A warm wall is needed for this medium sized shrub, where it will produce lovely scented flowers in April and intermittently over the summer.  
Coronilla valentina subsp glauca Variegata Show stoppingly irresistible variegated cream and green foliage and a almost non stop dislay during summer and autumn of golden yellow flowers  
Correa Mannii Showy rose scarlet tubular flowers early in the year. Though we grow this plant with little or no winter protection it should be regarded as too tender for all but the mildest of locations  
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