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Alphabetical list of Trees, Plants and Shrubs

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Trees and Shrubs

Caesalpinia gilliesii
For the plant connoisseur, a most uncommon large shrub from Argentina. It has
very dainty fern-like foliage and spectacular flowers in long, erect racemes of rich
yellow and scarlet stamens.
Calamogrostis x acutiflora 'Overdam'
A most striking form and of easy culture.
Callicarpa bodinieri Profusion
Small evergreen shrub, pretty pale yellow flowers but not so the leaves if damaged
or bruised.
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Calycanthus floridus
Calycanthus occidentalis
A Californian form of "Allspice", with dark green glossy leaves which have a spicy
aroma. Over the summer, it bears large deep red-brown flowers.
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Campsis Radicans Flava
Detail coming soon.
Caragana arborescens
A beautiful and resilient shrubby tree from Siberia. Its pinnate leaves provide a
lovely backdrop for the yellow pea-like flowers which are borne in early summer.
Perfect for exposed sites and dry soils.
Caragana arborescens Lorbergii
Extremely narrow almost threadlike leavesand small yellow pea like flowers.
A very distinctive shrub of relatively slow growth.
Caragana arborescens Pendula
A lovely weeping form of 'The Pea Tree' with the usual display of yellow pea like
Caragana arborescens Walker
Makes a small weeping tree. A Canadian raised hybrid inheriting characteristics
of its parents C. Lorbergii and C. Pendula.
Carpenteria californica
Tree Anemone, without doubt a most beautiful evergreen shrub of medium size
with glorious large pure white flowers and bright golden cental anthers.
Carpenteria californica Elizabeth
Detail coming soon.
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Carya glabra
Makes a medium sized tree with attractive foliage similar to that of the common
walnut. Lovely yellow autumn leaf colour.
Carya illinoensis
The Pecan Nut. Attractive pinnate foliage. Sadly not very reliable nut production
in this country.
Carya ovata
A medium to largish tree with considerable handsome qualities. Attractive finger
like foliage turning good autumn colours of deep yellow.
Carya tomentosa
The Big-bud hickory as its name suggests buds are larger than most of its kind.
Fragrant and attractive foliage turning clear butter yellows in autumn.
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Castanea sativa
The Sweet Chestnut. This familiar tree was probably brought to Britain with the
Romans who used the branches as support for their vines. Makes a large imposing
tree with fascinating spiral fluted bark. Buy This Plant
Castanea sativa Albomarginata
A lovely variegated form of the "Sweet Chestnut". Leaves with a distinct creamy
white margin. It would make a spectacular specimen tree.
Castanea sativa Variegata
Detail coming soon.
Catalpa bignoniodes
The Indian Bean Tree has large heart shaped leaves which give that dramatic
foliage an exotic effect. Foxglove like flowers of white, yellow with purple stain
in July and August, followed by strings of bean pods.
Catalpa bignoniodes Aurea
The Golden Indian Bean Tree has irresistible large Golden yellow leaves providing
just the right exotic touch to any scene. Avoid windy sites which would damage
the beautiful foliage. Catalpas originate from N. America.
Catalpa bignoniodes Variegata
Very much the gem, smaller growing than the type, foliage with attractive
variegation ranging from white to a light cream.
Catalpa erubescens Purpurea
A very fine hybrid between C. bignoniodes C. ovata introduced around 1869. For
lovers of purple plants, it has deep purple foliage and young shoots.
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Cedrus libanii Nana
Detail coming soon.
Celtis australis
One of the Hackberries or Nettle Trees, so called because of the look and feel of
their leaves but without the sting. Fast growing and suited to a wide range of
Celtis julianae
This beautiful and uncommon tall tree is easily recognized by its handsome foliage
which is glossy above and pubescent beneath.
Celtis occidentalis
The 'Hackberry' is a medium sized tree of the Elm family. Mature plants have a
rough, corky bark and a multitude of black berries in autumn.
Cephalanthus occidentalis
A lovely deciduous shrub not often seen. Glossy green leaves with small clustered
button like heads of creamy white flowers during late summer.
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Cercidiphyllum japonicum
The Katsura Tree, makes a small to medium sized tree, attractive foliage that
turns pale yellow and pink in the autumn, its great claim to fame however comes
from the sweet scent in autumn that reminds one of burnt sugar.
Cercidiphyllum japonicum Pendulum
Detail coming soon.
Cercidiphyllum japonicum Red Fox
Detail coming soon.
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Cestrum elegans
Needs a warm sunny site and winter protection but its near continuous summer
display of dazzling red flowers are well worth the effort.
Cestrum fasiculatum Newellii
Though I have succesfully grown this outside during the winter its not
recommended, what can be recommended are the large and spectacular orange
red flowers.
Cestrum parqui
Another of our more unusual species available. Shrubby in habit and having the
delightful benefit of night fragrant yellow green flowers. Originates from Chile.
Cestrum parqui Cretian Purple
Needs a conservatory or very sheltered site wher if happy will produce a
sunptious display of deep red purple flowers over long period in late summer.
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Chamaecyparis Pisifera
Detail coming soon.
Chamaecytisus purpureus
A small shrub offering absolute delight when in flower with its purple blue broom
like flowers.
Chamaerops humilis
Slow growing palm seldom reaching two metres. Large palmate divided leaves
produce from a stiff short trunk.
Chimonanthus praecox
Winter Sweet. The pale yellow sweetly scented flowers on naked branches during
late winter has to be one of the joys of that time of year: quite beautiful. Buy This Plant
Chionanthus retusus
The Chinese Fringe Tree, masses of snow white flowers during June and July.
Makes a very special large shrub. Best in full sun. Buy This Plant
Chionanthus virginicus
The North American form of the 'Fringe Tree' makes a large shrub with fragrant
white flowers. It differs from its Chinese cousin by having larger leaves -
introduced in about 1736. Buy This Plant
Chitalpa tas Summer Bells
A lovely very floriferous selection with pale pink flowers and in striking contrast
a yellow throat.
Chitalpa taschkentensis
Bred in the Botanical gardens of Tashkent, a hybrid between Catalpa and Chilopsis.
Makes a very attractive dome headed small tree with lance shaped narrow leaves
a pinkish white flowers prettily marked purple and yellow on the inside.
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Chordospartium Stevensonii
A rare and unusual broom like plant from New Zealand the whip like stems looking
almost lifeless. Eventually the plant here in our collection flowered after nearly
20 years producing a number of very pale pink small flowers.
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Cladrastis kentuckea
Detail coming soon.
Clerodendron trichotomum
A strong growing shrub and very effective in early autumn when the striking china
blue berries surrounded by maroon red calyces.
Clerodendron trichotomum Carnival
Noticeably large and unusual blue green leaves margined with a distinct irregular
yellow band to the outside edge.
Clerodendrum bungei
This semi-evergreen suckering shrub has attractive dark stems with large heart
shaped leaves. In late autumn it becomes quite an eye-catcher when it produces
large dome shaped terminal clusters of small fragrant pink-red flws.
Clerodendrum bungei Pink Diamond
Detail coming soon.
Clerodendrum trichotomum var fargesii
A most unusual vigorous deciduous shrub of upright habit. Late summer sees
the formation of deep pink and green flower buds, which open to fragrant white
star shaped flowers over the large spear shaped leaves. Blue berries follow.
Clethra alnifolia
Detail coming soon.
Clethra alnifolia Rosea
Highly glossed green foliage immediately attracts the eye. Pink tinged flowers
and flower buds that fade to white as they open all in all a lovely form of the
'Sweet Pepper Bush' Needs a neutral to acid soil to perform to its best.
Clethra alnifolia Ruby Spice
Detail coming soon.
Clianthus puniceus Albus
The white flowered form of the 'Lobster's claw' plant, like the form it is a semi
evergreen sprawling shrub needing a warm sheltered spot to succeed.
Cllanthus puniceus
The 'Lobster's claw so called due to the claw shaped brilliant red flowers produced
in early summer.
Colquhounia coccinea var vestita
Not often offered for sale makes an interesting and attractive wall shrub for a
sunny spot where the scarlet red tubular flowers can be seen to best effect set
against the felty silvery grey foliage.
Colutea aborescens
Bladder Senna, easy to grow with attractive ferny foliage bright yellow when first
emerges in spring followed by appealing yellow pea like flowers. A good plant for
those wilder parts of the garden that don’t receive as much care.
Convolvulus cneorum
This low, spreading shrub is perfect for a hot, dry position, or in a raised bed or
large tub. White funnel shaped flowers in May.
Coprosma Beatsons Gold
A low shrub of spreading outline the variegated leaves of dark green and old
gold marry together well.
Coprosma Evening Glow
Attactive foliage, green with irregular yellow markings turning to orange and red
in autumn.
Coprosma Kirkii Variegata
A low growing and spreading shrub with green white margined leaves, benefits
from winter protection as a young plant but seems to become more tolerant as
it grows older (not quite like humans then).
Coprosma Pacific Night
Detail coming soon.
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Correa Mannii
Showy rose scarlet tubular flowers early in the year. Though we grow this plant
with little or no winter protection it should be regarded as too tender for all but
the mildest of locations.
Cortaderia selloana
The well known and oft much maligned 'Pampas Grass' give the right situation
it still produces a very effective foil or backdrop with its immense clumps and tall
ostrich feather like plumes.
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Cuppressus cashmeriana
Detail coming soon.
Cupressus macrocarpa Golden Cone
Detail coming soon.
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Caltha palustris
One of the most beautiful of British wild plants. Gorgeous, large deep yellow,
buttercup-like flowers in early spring. Ideal for wet, boggy ground beside water.
Camassia cusickii
Detail coming soon.
Canna Lucifer
Magnificent large green leaves with a tropical feel, tall stems with brilliant orange
red and yellow flowers spikes.
Centranthus ruber
Red Valerian such an easy plant to grow it seems to pop up in just the right spot
on its own. Firm green leaves and masses of deep pink red flower heads.
Centranthus ruber Albus
The white form of the well known 'red valerian' and just as easy to grow.
Cerastium tomentosum
The well known Snow in Summer such an easy plant to grow attractive silver grey
foliage smothered by small pure whit flowers over a long period of summer.
Chionodoxa luciliae
'Glory of the Snow' lovely bright blue flowers appear early in the year followed by
green strap like foliage.
Chionodoxa sardensis
Easy to grow bulbous spring flowering perennial, flowers a deep rich gentian blue.
Cimicifuga racemosa var. Cordifolia
A plant that stands out when its beautiful pure white bottle brush flowers appear
in July, lovely fresh green dainty foliage too.
Cirsium rivulare Atropurpureum
Superb in the wild garden where it’s a magnet to bees and butterflies. Tall heads
of small deep purple thistle like flowers.
Clematis Praecox
Produces good display of its small pale blue and fragrant flowers in attractive
clusters late summer and early autumn.
Clematis recta Purpurea
A most beautiful herbaceous Clematis especially in spring when its new purple
foliage appears which contrasts vividly with the masses of pure white starry
Corcus Golden Yellow Mamoth
Well known harbinger of Spring very large golden flowers, stunning on mass.
Corcus Joan of Arc
Lovely white flowers appear early in the year.
Crambe cordifolia
Ornamental Sea kale large leaves with fabulous spikes of deliciously honey
scented small flowers.
Crambe maritima
The true Sea Kale makes a large plant with big rubbery tough looking green grey
leaves, lovely flower heads of tiny dainty creamy white stars.
Crinum powellii
From huge bulbous base emerge great strap like leaves and tall flower stalks
carrying equally huge white trumpet shaped flower heads.
Crocus chrysanthus Prince Claus
A good reliable Crocus bearing large flower heads of pure white.
Crocus in variety
Detail coming soon.
Crocus Joan of Arc
Detail coming soon.
Crocus tommasinianus Barrs Purple
Big heads of deep emperor purple flowers.
Cyclamen coum
Always a joy in late autumn with its reliable display of hardy 'Cyclamen' pink
flowers and prettily marked heart shaped leaves.
Cyclamen hederifolium
Autumn and early winter display of pale pink flowers set against marbled
green-silver leaves. Makes excellent ground cover in shady areas under trees.
Cynara cardunculus (Scolymus Group)
The 'Cardoon' . A very striking perennial with divided silver-grey foliage and large
thistle-like purple flowers produced on stout stems in summer.


Campsis radicans
The 'Trumpet Vine'. A twining climber with beautiful orange-scarlet trumpet
shaped flowers.
Campsis radicans Flamenco
Flamenco Striking orange red tubular flowers really make this sought after
form stand out.
Campsis radicans Indian Summer
Masses of large stunning trumpet shaped flowers of a sumptious apricot yellow
contrasting with orange red centres.
Campsis tagliabuana Madame Galen
The large samon red trumpet shaped flowers makes this form highly sought after.
It is strong growing, but benefits from early support.
Celastris orbiculatus Dianne
A female form, plant with the male Hercules to achieve thosse elusive scarlet and
gold-spangled fruits.
Celastris orbiculatus Hercules
With a name like Hercules it just has to be the boy form. Plant with Dianne for a
happy union.
Celastrus orbiculatus
A strong growing climber particularly stunning when in autumn the butter yellow
foliage is the backdrop to the brown seed pods that split open to reveal the
bright red seeds within.
Clianthus puniceus Red Cardinal
Detail coming soon.


Calocedrus decurrens
Detail coming soon.
Calocedrus decurrens Columnaris
The more commonly encountered form, makes a tall tree of columnar outline
and deep green foliage.
Cephalotaxus fortunei
Detail coming soon.
Cuppressus arizonica glabra Aurea
Makes a medium sized conifer of quite pleasing shape. Foliage with a yellowish
hue that lightens in intensity during the winter.
Cuppressus arizonica glabra Blue Ice
Detail coming soon.
Cuppressus sempervirens Stricta
The Italian Cypress reminds one of Mediterranean skylines. Its tall columns of
dark green foliage make the perfect backdrop to any scene. Not suitable for very
cold exposed positions.
Cupressocyparis Leylandii
Little needs to be said about this conifer the well known Leylandii of many a
passionate boundary debate etc. Much maligned but positioned sensibly can be
Cupressocyparis Leylandii Castlewellan Gold
Detail coming soon.
Cupressus macrocarpa Totem
An attractive very narrow waisted conifer, as its name suggests a very pole like
in appearance.
Cupressus macrocarpa Wilma
Srikingly bright yellow foliage and a very upright habit has made this a very
popular conifer in recent years. Originated as a sport of Golcrest but with brighter
yellow foliage.
Cupressus macrocrpa Goldcrest
A well known conifer with bright golden yellow feathery foliage.
Cupressus sempervirens Swanes Gold
Makes a tallish compact column of gold foliage.

All our native plants are English grown, English provenance stock