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Native Shrubs and Climbers

English Native Shrubs and Climbers. 

We are very proud of our extensive range of truly genuine native shrubs and climbers, which are familiar sights in our landscape though rarely available for sale. Including Travellers Joy (Clematis vitalba), Wild Honeysuckle (Lonicera peryclemenum), Wild Lilac (Syringa vulgaris) and many others.

Our Native shrubs and climbers are of genuine British origin. All our propagation material (seeds and cuttings) are collected from East Anglian and other suitable English locations and are certificated for their British Provenance.

Unlike many continental imported plants they will establish themselves quickly and grow with greater vigour and being more suited to the vagaries of the British climate, will flower and fruit at the right time for our wildlife.

By planting our British origin native shrubs and climbers you are benefiting and protecting our traditional landscape, ecology and wildlife.

Our field grown, bare root native shrubs and climbers are carefully grown naturally in the soil. Our pot grown native shrubs and climbers are grown in our very own special 100% peat free compost so we can guarantee the superb quality of our genuine British origin plants.

We carefully tend our native shrubs and climbers right the way from young seedlings and help them grow to large semi-mature specimens so that we have an amazing selection of sizes available all year round.

For anyone involved with the countryside these shrubs and climbers are a natural choice to enhance any landscape, park, garden, estate or farm.

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English Native Climbers

  • As experts we offer comprehensive advice on native shrubs and climbers and would be pleased to help discuss the design and specification for any planting scheme that you may be undertaking. We have advised farms, estates and gardens, provided planting for public areas, new build schemes, schools, historical and ecological sites.

  • We offer specialist planting advice or within East Anglia we can provide a full planting service with maintenance and aftercare included.

  • Correct watering is vital to a plants establishment. We design and provide cost effective irrigation systems suitable for most planting situations




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